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Behavioural Consults and Training

At Passion for Paws, we provide a comprehensive service for dogs and cats that require anything from basic training, to help with behavioural issues that require a more in-depth assessment and training plan. We understand that every pet has their own unique needs and behavioural issues, and we are committed to creating a tailored plan for each individual animal. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you create a safe and loving environment for your pet, helping them reach their full potential.

Dog Training

We specialise in a range of services, including puppy training, obedience training, aggression cases, noise sensitivity issues, guarding issues, separation related issues, toileting issues, and more. Our team are highly trained and experienced in animal behaviour and training, and strive to provide the best possible service to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of your pet.


1-2-1 Training (1 hour): £25

Cat Behavioural Consult: £45

Dog Behaviour Consult: £60

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